Carnilove Duck & Turkey for Large Breed Adult Cats 2kg

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Grain-Free & Potato-Free Formula for Large Breed Adult Cats. Balanced to Improve the Excellent Condition of Muscles, Bones, and Joint of Large Breed Cats Such as Maine Coon, American Bobtail, Ragdoll, Savannah, Chausie, Siberian Cat, Norwegian Cat, Ocicat. Complete Cat Food. Carnilove Duck & Turkey for Large Breed Cats has been formulated with respect for the natural composition of the feline diet. Turkey and duck contain high ratios of digestible proteins and unsaturated fats to nourish the muscles and restore energy levels. The greater burden to the musculoskeletal system is offset by chondroprotectives and natural substances that promote flexibility in the joints and strength in the tendons and ligaments. COMPOSITION: duck meal 32%, turkey meal 18%, yellow peas 16%, chicken fat preserved with tocopherols, 11%, apples 6%, duck deboned 5%, tapioca starch 3%, chicken liver 3%, salmon oil 1%, carrots 1%, flaxseed 1%, chickpeas 1%, olive oil 0,8%, green lipped mussel Perna canaliculus, 0,1%, green tea extract 0,1%, hydrolyzed crustacean shells a source of glucosamine, 0,026%, cartilage extract a source of chondroitin, 0,016%, brewer´s yeast a source of mannan-oligosaccharides, 0,016%, chicory root a source of fructo-oligosaccharides, 0,012%, yucca schidigera 0,01%, algae 0,01%, psyllium 0,01%, thyme 0,01%, rosemary 0,01%, oregano 0,01%, cranberries 0,0008%, blueberries 0,0008%, raspberries 0,0008%. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: crude protein 37.0%, fat content 18.0%, crude fiber 3.0%, crude ash 7.5%, moisture 10.0%, calcium 1.3%, phosphorus 1.0%, sodium 0.3%, magnesium 0.05%. NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES PER 1 KG: vitamin A E672 23,000 IU, vitamin D3 E671 940 IU, vitamin E 3a700 650 IU, vitamin C E300 300 mg, taurine 2,400 mg, choline chloride 2,200 mg, L-carnitine 65 mg, niacin 45 mg, biotin 1.8 mg, zinc E6 150 mg, manganese E5 55 mg, iron E1 48 mg, copper E4 11 mg, iodine E2 3.8 mg, selenium E8 0,23 mg, DL-methionine 3.1.1. 14 mg, arginine 3c3.6.1 12 mg, L-lysine 3.2.3. 10 mg.


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